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Top Tips to Keeping Babies & Kids Cool in the Summer

Top Tips to Keeping Babies & Kids Cool in the Summer

We love a Great British Summer in the sunshine don’t we, but let’s be honest babies and children aren’t always the best in the heat! Here are our top 5 recommendations at Alf & Co. to keep babies and preschoolers cool in hot weather, whether here in the UK or on your Summer Holidays.
  1. Dress your little ones in light and breathable summer clothing. Natural fabric like 100% cotton is a great choice. Check out our Spring/Summer clothing range at Alf & Co. Nottingham. And don’t forget your suncream! Factor 50+ is recommended for children’s delicate skin.
  2. Keep summer essentials handy. Sun hats, sunglasses, and swimwear are essential for your child's UK or abroad beach and holiday adventures.
  3. Keep your child hydrated by offering them water and healthy, cooling snacks throughout the day. Freezing fruit is a great way to cool down a little one on a hot Summer’s day.
  4. Create shady outdoor play areas with umbrellas or canopies to protect your child from direct sunlight. Muslins are a great way to protect your baby from the Sun.
  5. Take advantage of indoor activities and attractions in and around Nottingham, to beat the summer heat. Come and join us in our Nottingham store at one our Summer Stay & Play sessions.

Keep children cool by dressing them in airy, comfortable Summer clothing.

Summer is here, and with the sun shining and temperatures rising, it's important to keep your little ones cool and comfortable. At Alf & Co, Nottingham's go-to children's shop, you can find a wide selection of summer clothing and accessories to help your baby or preschooler beat the heat.

When it comes to dressing your child for the summer, it's crucial to choose clothing that is light, breathable, and made from natural fabrics. Alf & Co. stock a range of organic 100% cotton stylish and comfortable summer clothes perfect for keeping your little ones cool. From Summer dresses and shorts to lightweight tops and rompers, Alf & Co. has your Summer outfits covered this British Summertime.

Liewood childrens Sun hats available at Alf & Co. Nottingham


Sunhats and Suncream are key to keeping kids safe in the Summer sun.

To protect your child from the sun's rays, it's essential to invest in sun hats and lightweight cover ups. These accessories not only provide shade for their delicate skin from direct sunlight, but also add a touch of style to their summer outfits. At Alf & Co you'll find a great variety of sun hats and accessories designed specifically for babies and preschoolers, ensuring their safety and comfort under the direct

Liewood swimwear - Nottingham Liewood stockist

Hot Weather Tips for Beach and Holiday Trips with kids.

If you have a beach or holiday trip planned, be sure to check out Alf & Co’s Summer Shop by visiting us at our flagship Nottingham store or shopping online at We’ve got lots for all your child's summer needs. From swimsuits and beach buckets to sandals and jelly shoes, you'll find everything you need to make their beach adventures fun and enjoyable. Plus, Alf & Co also offers a range of beach accessories such as sand toys and beach bags to keep your little ones entertained on holidays in the UK or abroad this

Liewood beach set Dante - available at Alf & Co. Nottingham


Keep kids Hydrated and create Shaded Areas from the Summer Sun.

Staying hydrated is crucial during the hot summer months, especially for babies and preschoolers. Make sure to offer your child plenty of water throughout the day to keep them cool and hydrated. You can also provide healthy, cooling snacks like frozen fruits and yogurt to keep them refreshed.


When spending time outdoors, it's important to create shaded areas to protect your child from the sun's harsh rays. Set up umbrellas, canopies, or shade sails in your garden or at the park to create a cool and comfortable play area for your little one. This will allow them to enjoy outdoor activities while staying protected from the heat and direct Sun.

Explore Indoor Play to keep kids Cool in Summer.

In addition to outdoor play, you can also explore indoor activities and attractions in Nottingham to escape the summer heat. Museums, play centers, and indoor playgrounds offer a cool and enjoyable environment for your child to have fun and stay active during the summer months. Why not spend a morning or afternoon at one of Alf & Co’s Summer Stay & Play sessions? They are a great way to socialise with other local families whilst enjoying the comfort of the air conditioned play space. Book your space online today - suitable from birth upto age 5 sessions run every Tuesday and Friday year

Stay and play sessions held at Alf and Co Nottingham. Suitable from newborn to preschool


Hot Weather Tips for Keeping Kids Safe and Cool this Summer.

As you navigate through the summer season, don't forget to visit us at Alf & Co. Whether to shop, socialise or play Alf & Co. is the leading children's store in Nottingham, to shop for the latest summer clothing and toy ranges. If you're looking for cute swimsuits, stylish sun hats, or beach accessories, Alf & Co. has everything you need to keep your little ones cool and comfortable all summer

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