about us

A unique destination for parents who want to live sustainably, champion independents, find beautiful things for their children and meet like-minded families in a place full of inspirational ideas for childhood.


2 years ago I was due to return from maternity leave to my career in childrenswear buying with a well known high street retailer. Alf was 9 months old. 

My previous working week was Monday-Friday, usually working late at least a couple of nights a week. My daily commute to the head office was around 1.5 hours each way.

For me, and so many other women out there, the work/life balance needed to shift. 

Trying to negotiate a part-time return I got an outright, no movement, no discussion NO. So unfortunately I never went back, and have been working in a completely different industry part-time ever since. 

So...the idea for Alf & Co. has been evolving ever since then. And we are finally here!

I can't wait to prove the industry giants wrong. You can have a baby and have a career you are passionate about.

Work life isn't over because you have a family. And family life isn't over because you decide to return to work. Balance is real!