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Clothes and Shoes : Accessories, Hats, Bags and Sunglasses

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  1. Wavy Collar Dribble Bib | Citrus
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  3. Children’s Round Sunglasses | Khaki
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  4. Children’s Round Sunglasses | Caramel
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  9. Alf & Co is a midlands based children’s store and they are stockist of the Silly Silas Footless Tights with braces in a lovely creamy olive colour
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  11. Turtledove Knee High Character Badger Socks are available at Alf & Co, the children’s independent
  12. The lovely liewood pipi mittens in the midnight navy\oat mix are perfect for keeping little hands warm in the cold weather
  13. The Liewood Pipi MIttens in the Tuscany Rose Multi Mix are perfect for keeping little hands warm during the cold weather
  14. Richie Rabbit Ivory Slippers in Gift Bag