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BIBS Dummies and Pacifiers

BIBS dummies are the iconic Danish pacifier. Retro-inspired designs in cool modern shades, BPA-free and made from natural rubber. Designed to support natural breastfeeding. 

Shop our range of classic BIBS design or check out the brand new Boheme pacifier inspired by the modern Boheme style.

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  1. The BIBS Dummy Colour 2 Pack-Size 1-Ivory/Ivory is available from Nottinghamshire Children’s Store Alf & Co
  2. BIBS Dummy Size 1 in the colour  Ivory/Blush stocked in Nottinghams Independent Store Alf&Co.
  3. The BIBS Dummy-Size 1-Colour-Vanilla is a available from Midlands based baby store Alf & Co
  4. BIBS Dummy Size 1 in Blush is stocked in BIBS UK Stockist Nottingham Store.