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Liewood - A beautiful children's brand with style and durability. Take a look at some of our favourites from this collection.

At Alf and Co. we are proud to stock a fabulous range of children's brands who are iconic for their incredible design, style and ethos when it comes to children's clothing, toys and accessories. One of the most popular brands from our extensive collection is Liewood. This children's brand is one of our most sought after, both in our Nottinghamshire based store and online. So let us tell you a little more about Liewood and why we love being a Liewood stockist. 

Liewood stockist

Liewood is a Copenhagen based brand who embody Nordic design traditions. At Alf & Co. we adore the unique and simple design approach that Liewood take on all of their children's products. The quality of the materials used within Liewood's products is outstanding and yet another reason why becoming a stockist of Liewood was essential for us. We wanted to know that the Liewood products that you purchase from us would stand the test of time, not only in terms of design but also durability. Liewood's ethical approach to manufacturing and sustainability align with our own and is why we will always recommend Liewood to our customers.

Liewood Children's Wear at Alf & Co. Nottingham

Its so hard to choose our favourite Liewood products, as there are just so many that we love. But here is our guide to some that we have for our own children and some that are real customer favourites. 

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Liewood Summer Favourites

Liewood have an amazing range of Summer products for little ones. From paddling pools to sandals and summer hats. We can't resist the cute designs! 

Liewood Leonore Pool



Liewood Leonore Pool

The most stylish summer pool for your tots to splash in.







Liewood Bre Sandals



Liewood Bre Sandals

The cutest sandals around. 

Available in Peppermint, Rose, Mustard & Golden Caramel.






  Liewood Swimwear


Liewood Swimwear

Liewood have some fabulous swimwear in their range. The designs are subtle but beautiful and are thoughtfully created to ensure safety and comfort.

Shop from left to right below.

1. Liewood Sille Safari Swimsuit

2. Liewood Tanna Mustard Stripe Seersucker Swimsuit

3. Liewood Max Mustard Stripe Seersucker Swimsuit

4. Liewood Noah Mustard Stripe Seersucker Swim Tee

5. Liewood Otto Safari Swim Pants

6. Liewood Elise Mustard Stripe Baby Girl Swim Pants

7. Liewood Otto Mustard Stripe Seersucker Swim Pants


Don't Forget the Sun Hat!

Liewood Senia Safari Sun Hat



Liewood Senia Safari Sun Hat

A fun themed sun hat to protect your little ones on hot days.




Liewood rae sunhat



Liewood Rae Sun Hat

Beautiful striped bonnet style sun hat.




Liewood gorm sunhat

Liewood Gorm Sun Hat

Cute ears and a neck flap. Whats not to love about this striped sun hat.






Liewood Play Toys

We love the Liewood range of Montessori play inspired toys. From the modern simple designs to the use of durable and long lasting materials, these Montessori toys will last and be played with for years. The subtle tones provide a gender neutral aesthetic and encourage inclusive play. We love these in our own home and know they are super popular with our customers too. 

Liewood Dante Beach Set



Liewood Dante Beach Set

A gorgeous set of beach toys that are compact enough to travel with, or use in the garden.




Liewood Freddie Barber Set


Liewood Freddie Barber Set

For the budding hair stylist this cute set is ideal for letting their creativity run wild.





Liewood Callum Play Set

Liewood Callum Play Tea Set

It's time for tea with this lovely imagination play set.




Liewood Elisabeth make-up set

Liewood Elisabeth Make-up Set

A cute little play set that will keep your little ones out of your make up bag!





Liewood Lennart Doctors Set

Liewood Lennart Doctors Set

Let them take care of you or teddy with this imaginative doctors set.





Liewood Essentials

The things you use all day everyday need not be boring with the stunning Liewood designs adding some style into the mix. Take a look at some of our everyday favourites which are durable enough to stand the test of time.

 Dinner Time

 Liewood Dinner Set

Liewood Snack Pots

Shop from left to right below.

1. Liewood Cape Bib & Placemat Gift Set Bundle - Superhero

2. Liewood Cape Bib & Placemat Gift Set Bundle - Doll

3. Liewood Andie Silicone Junior Dining Set 3 pack- Rose Multi Mix

4. Liewood Andie Silicone Junior Dining Set 3 pack- Green Multi Mix

5. Liewood Neil Cup-Safari

6. Liewood Neil Cup-Miauw

7. Liewood Liva Silicone Spoons - 4 Pack

8. Liewood Kelly Snack Cup-2 Pack


On The Move

Liewood Backpacks

Shop from left to right below.

1. Liewood Monty Sandals Rose Mix

2. Liewood Monty Sandals - Hunter Green Mix

3. Liewood Samar Gymbag- Golden Caramel

4. Liewood Samar Gymbag- Hunter Green

5. Liewood Saxo Mini Back Pack- Mr Bear




Liewood Blanca Dino Wall Rug

Liewood Dino Wall Rug

Providing texture and visual enjoyment for your child's room, this dino wall hanging is perfect.






 Liewood Wall Rug



Liewood Blanca Geometric Wall Rug

Providing texture and visual enjoyment for your child's room, this dino wall hanging is perfect.




We hope you have enjoyed seeing some of our favourite Liewood products. We have a much bigger collection on our website and within our Nottinghamshire store too. So take a look at what other lovely Liewood accessories you can add to your home.