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FreeRider Baby Wraps were always going to be a must have product for us at Alf & Co. We love the ethos that this brand has for bringing closeness and connection between parent and baby. We also adore the stylish nature of these wraps. There is a baby wrap design to suit every persons style, and every outfit too if you fancy having your own wardrobe of baby wraps! Not only do they look good, but they also provide the ultimate comfort when it comes to baby wearing.

Ever popular in our Nottinghamshire children's store, we love seeing our customers reactions when they find FreeRider baby wraps for the very first time. Here are some of the questions we often get asked about the FreeRider Baby Wraps. If you have any questions of your own, just get in touch! 

Freerider baby wrap

Why Choose FreeRider Baby Wraps?

We know how much life changes when a baby arrives. Whether it is your first baby or a sibling to your other children, still being able to have your hands free and continue with daily activities is essential. Baby wraps allow you to continue with day to day life whilst still keeping baby cosy, protected and comforted by being close to their parent. 

FreeRider Baby Wraps have also been winner of "Best Baby Carrier" at the Mother and Baby Awards for the last two years running.

What age can FreeRider Baby Wraps be worn until?

You can carry baby in the FreeRider Baby Wraps until around the age of 1. This means you have a full year to make use of each wrap and we know the cost per wear will speak for itself where this stylish mama accessory is concerned. 

Freerider baby wraps

Are FreeRider Baby Wraps environmentally friendly and sustainably made?

FreeRider Company who make FreeRider Baby Wraps have a strong environmental focus within their business. They are also serious about the quality of materials used and how these will impact both parent and baby. No toxic solvents are used within the manufacturing process and biodegradable and compositible fabrics are the foundation of each product. The core fabric used is the award-winning Austrian TENCEL™. This is a fibre of botanical origin that’s certified biobased and fully biodegradable.

How will I know how to use the FreeRider Baby Wraps?

FreeRider offer some fantastic video tutorials to ensure you are confident in tying and securing your baby wrap, as well as making sure baby is comfortable. These tutorials also cover topics such as head support for baby, taking baby out of the wrap and loosening the wrap. You will be a baby wrap pro in no time!

Are FreeRider Baby Wraps safe to use?

FreeRider Baby Wraps are incredibly safe to use. They are made with extra strong fabric and are full safety tested. Use one of the fabulous FreeRider tutorials to guide you through securing your baby wrap correctly and ensure you feel confident of baby's positioning and safety within the wrap.

Freerider baby wraps

Can baby sleep in the FreeRider Baby Wrap?

FreeRider Baby Wraps are the perfect sleep solution for babies, whilst allowing parents to maintain their lifestyle and routine. The closeness to parent helps sooth baby of anxiety and aid sleep and calmness. FreeRider Baby Wraps are also great for helping babies who have colic and reflux to settle and sleep in a position that is comfortable for them. We know all too well that this upright position often means that parents spend hours holding baby in a way that is comfortable and soothing for colic and reflux. The FreeRider Baby Wraps allow for this to be maintained whilst parents can be hands free and continue with day to day activities. 

Are FreeRider Baby Wraps comfortable?

FreeRider Baby Wraps are very comfortable to both baby and parent. They are a one size fits all solution which creates a bespoke fit around you and baby. Their super soft fabric will be gentle on baby's delicate skin and the wraps are great for hip health.

What styles do the FreeRider Baby Wraps come in? 

FreeRider Baby Wraps offer some great colour ways and designs within their products. Below are the current collection of FreeRider Baby Wraps that we have in stock in Alf & Co. We hope you love this beautifully curated collection of FreeRider Baby Wraps that has been hand selected by Alf and Co owner, Kirby. 


FreeRider Baby Wrap - Charcoal





FreeRider Baby Wrap Charcoal

A beautiful charcoal grey baby wrap that would work with a range of outfits and provide an elegant look for both parents.







FreeRider Baby Wrap-Eucalyptus



FreeRider Baby Wrap Eucalyptus

A delicate botanical print baby wrap that adds a touch of style to any outfit.









Freerider baby wrap elderberry

FreeRider Baby Wrap Elderberry

A stylish, yet neutral baby wrap. Something that will compliment a range of outfit for both mum and dad to wear.










FreeRider Baby Wrap Flax


FreeRider Baby Wrap

A gorgeous vivid blue baby wrap, perfect for an elegant statement.








FreeRider Baby Wrap Palm Print 




FreeRider Baby Wrap
Palm Print

Make a statement in this gorgeous palm print fabric baby wrap.








FreeRider Baby Wrap Woodrose



FreeRider Baby Wrap Woodrose

A soft blush coloured baby wrap that looks super elegant.