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The Book Of You

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THE BOOK OF YOU: A Record of Childhood

A modern, inclusive journal to record the wonderful moments and memories of childhood, from age 1 to 16.

Each year the child lists all their favourite things - from songs to shoes - and answers series of fun questions about how they see the world like ‘What makes you happy?’ and What can you do really well?’. While their parent, or favourite grown up adds their take on the most memorable moments of the year. No assumptions are made about parenthood or family, the grown up simply answers ‘Who I am to you’ and answers the prompts like ‘Your best quotes’ and ‘The things you do that make me laugh’.

There are additional pages for a dedication message, messages from family and friends, and it ends with a ‘Note to your future self’, along with predictions for the future.

Over the years the book builds into a lasting memento to be treasured for years to come. 

“You can imagine yourself reading it back in years to come with tears of laughter as well as joy. A must have for every child.” Diana Bardega | Founder, The Mamahood

Available in 6 colours: Red, Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue.